Which is the best Indian brand of Basmati rice?

Consuming rice, the most filling dish on the entire Indian subcontinent, is like upholding traditional values. Brands of rice importers have the longest grains and the most exquisite flavour and texture of all the different types of rice. Additionally, it can aid in avoiding chronic illnesses like cancer. Additionally, because of its high fibre content, it can help the body’s fats break down.

The long, fine, soft, nutrient-rich grains of basmati rice stay absolutely straight and non-sticky after cooking. Both non-Indian food and many Indian dishes, such as biryani or pulao, pair nicely with basmati rice. For optimal health and flavour, basmati of the highest quality must be used. 

1. Maharani Rice

Maharani rice is one of many brands of basmati rice, and Maharani Rice (Chaman Lal Setia Export Ltd.). was founded in 1982. The company manufactures and exports a variety of basmati rice that isn’t genetically engineered, as well as herbal and fake rice. 

2. Kohinoor

Kohinoor has led the pack among other top basmati rice brands in India for the past 127 years both domestically and abroad. The extra-long Gold Basmati Rice kind, which is mature for at least two years to make it appropriate for a biryani dish, is the most well-known type of genuine basmati rice. Additionally, this brand stands out for being gluten-free, making rice suppliers in India where it is simple for people to consume the same foods if they need to consume less protein. The exceptionally long grains of this rice can lengthen to 2.5 cm while cooking. 

3. Shrilalmahal

The Shrilalmahal Group of Companies has been selling this brand of basmati rice in India since 1907. This rice’s grain is extra-long, measuring 24 mm, and has a low cholesterol and fat content in addition to having a fantastic smell and flavour. Before being offered to end-users, the rice is ripened for at least two years. Even though the brand is somewhat pricey, the quality is best. 

4. Daawat

One of the best basmati rice in India is daawat. It is made with the highest grade basmati rice that is readily accessible. Premium quality basmati rice called Daawat Rozana Gold is grown in India’s Punjab province. The largest importer of rice in the world, which is nourished by Himalayan snowmelt, is where the rice is farmed. The fine grains and nutty flavour of this premium rice make it popular with Indian families and chefs. This rare strain of basmati rice, called daawat gold, will alter the way you prepare meals. 

5. Lal Qilla

Due to the fact that this product is matured for two years before being sold to customers, it is also known as puranimalai and is owned by the Amar Singh Chawal Wala (ASCW) company. This is one of the oldest brands of basmati rice, having been in operation since the early 1900s and cultivating its goods in the lower Himalayan region. Its price is milky white, very long, high in protein, fragrant, and has a sweet flavour. It also takes just 10 minutes to prepare. 

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