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  • Maharani Rice Suitable for Diabetics Basmati Rice -19% Off

    Our product is based on scientific knowledge, creating the perfect grain. We use special cultivars and processes to create low G.I. level rice. According to a study from Sydney University, Maharani Basmati rice is a low GI food, ‘therefore, this rice is suitable for consumption in controlled amounts by people with diabetes in line with their dietary requirements.

    Rice suitable for Diabetic: used special cultivars and processes to produce low GI level rice.
    Low GI Rice helps in:

    a) Keeping the insulin level balanced
    b) You feel fuller for longer
    c) Energy level increase
    d) Can help in reduce cravings


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  • Maharani Classic Reserve Basmati Rice Out of Stock

    Maharani Classic Reserve Basmati rice has been a favorite among 43 countries in the world since its launch 42 years ago. Traditionally coming from the foothills of the Himalayas and favored by the Royal Rajput  families of Rajasthan. This rice when cooked will give your eyes serene white pleasure and your palate a pure sensation of impeccable taste.


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  • Maharani 1121 Basmati Rice -16% Off

    1121 Basmati rice is the longest grain of rice in the world, grown in India for more than a millennia for royal families and blessed with exceptional aroma and taste. Its slender extra-long grains elongate twice their size when cooked to perfection. With its characteristics of soft, non-sticky, and fluffy texture, plain rice or peas pulao will never feel the same again.

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  • Maharani Royal Basmati Rice -13% Off

    Maharani Royal Basmati Rice has been traditionally favorite of the Mughals and their recipes of biryanis and pulao were carried to the Sheikhs of the middle east & beyond. Used by restaurateurs and hoteliers, at weddings and parties, this rice with its fluffiness and non-sticky texture will give your biryanis or Afghani pulao, a delectable taste & aroma.


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  • -13% Off

    Enliven your gourmet collection with Maharani brown basmati rice, sourced from family farms in the foothills of the Himalayas and North India, brown rice will enliven your health and fitness. Dietician’s favorite as it has less fat and more fiber. Cooks with the aroma of Basmati, but without elongation. An exotic choice when a fluffy, drier texture is desired. Recommended by fitness experts for cooking jaggery kheer, pulao, or plain brown rice complementing any curry or lentil.

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  • Maharani Supreme Basmati Rice -13% Off

    Supreme Basmati Rice is the softest Basmati rice available on the market. Sourced from local farmers of Punjab and north India & Aged to perfection in temperature-controlled silos, this rice enhances plain rice to become the fluffiest & tastiest pulao with an unmatchable aroma.

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  • -3% Off

    As the name suggests, this is regular basmati rice sourced from family farms in India & processed at high-tech mills. It is very healthy for daily consumption as it is excellent for digestion. As opposed to other brands who mix half-grain or three-fourth grain, this rice is of full grain length. Full of energy and nutrition, this rice is the favorite among mothers for complementing dal or curry, or any vegetable dish.

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  • Green World Aromatic RiceGreen World Aromatic Rice -2% Off

    Harvested and sourced locally from the farmers of Punjab, Green World aromatic rice is easy to cook long-grain rice, also known as Punjabi rice. Simply put the rice in cold water without any soaking if you wish and cook in a saucepan or a pressure cooker. It has a long, fluffy, and non-sticky grain with a great aroma. Chef’s favorite for complementing chole, rajma, or curry.

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