How do you Export basmati rice?

Basmati Rice export is something that is usually done on a larger scale. Basmati rice is well known for its higher quality and great demand, which is why the cultivation of rice and its export is one of the most profitable exports for the farmers. Rice of basmati export is an integral part of our economy and provides financial relief to large farmers. 

Anyone can export basmati rice conveniently. The only condition here is that the quality of the rice should meet specific standards. The rice that needs to be shipped should be harvested at the optimum moment and dry and appropriately aged. Also, it should be packed in containers impervious to oxygen and moisture. 

If you are also willing to export basmati rice on a broader scale, here are some tips that can streamline your work.

Harvest basmati rice at the right time

To acquire a high yield of basmati rice, you must harvest it at the right time. Ensure the basmati rice you gather is mature enough and not too dry. It is always advised to harvest the rice before the seed hulls harden.

Dry basmati rice correctly

Drying is one of the essential parts of the harvesting and export process of rice. It is always advised to dry the basmati rice adequately to prevent it from becoming moldy or damaged during shipping. Most farmers prefer drying their rice in an oven or sun. Before storing them in containers, ensure that the water has been removed ideally from the grains.

How to export rice in India?

Basmati rice is a long grain aromatic rice that is quite popular in Indian cuisine. This rice is usually served with different curry dishes or as a side dish. Basmati rice is being exported and sold commercially on a larger scale. 

  • If you are also willing to jump into the export of basmati rice, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. 
  • It is always advised to inspect the rice before exporting. Make sure the rice you export doesn’t have any damage or blemishes.
  •  Once done with the inspection part, the next thing you need to work on is preparing your rice for export. 
  • The basmati rice you are willing to export should be washed and drained correctly. 
  • The next thing you must do in the league is to pre cook the rice in boiling water for a specific time.
  • Once done, cool down the rice to a perfect temperature and then pack the same into the containers.
  • Add the country of origin and declaration to get the same for export.
  • Bingo! Your basmati rice is ready to be exported from your country now.


Hope, guys! You have got to know how to export basmati rice ideally. Basmati rice is one of the most popular rice varieties that are famous globally. The export of basmati rice helps improve a nation’s economy and financial infrastructure. We have provided you with a detailed process to allow you to export the absolute quality of the basmati rice efficiently.

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  • I am Kishin Uttamchandani, an ex NRI. I have done business in the African continent for 45 years. Presently relocated to India, I would like to look into the exports of Basmati rice. Kindly indicate if we could cooperate and be able to export. Presently I have an inquiry from a friend in USA. I would appreciate your response.


    Kishin Uttamchandani
    Pune- India

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