In the medieval times, the Mughal Emperors who ruled the Indian Sub-continent had a unique taste for BEAUTY and one of their most beautiful queens or MAHARANI, as they used to call it was MAHARANI MUMTAZ MAHAL. Such was the beauty of the MAHARANI that the monumental wonder of the world-THE TAJ MAHAL was built as a mausoleum in the memory of the MAHARANI MUMTAZ MAHAL-the empress of India. It was built by the Emperor Shah Jahan as an exquisite symbol of his love for the most exquisite symbol of beauty personified-the MAHARANI herself. It stands in Agra, India and speaks of the most enchanting story of love, trust and dedication.

The MAHARANI was famous for her taste for exquisite varieties of nutritious and sumptuous food. Rice especially was number one on her menu cards. No feast was considered a complete one unless a special royal delicacy of rice was prepared. The legend says that this rice was meant to be consumed by the MAHARAJAS (KINGS), MAHARANIS (QUEENS) and royal families , that is why we have named our rice MAHARANI and made it your favourite gourmet cuisine. The MAHARANI symbolizes the unsurpassed quality and taste of the basmati rice which a QUEEN of her times had advocated.

This unique rice is just one crop a year, grown only in northern India and Pakistan- the region known as old Punjab, which is the land of five rivers originating from Himalayas .It is this icon that symbolizes India's greatest tribute to global diet patterns: Basmati rice and the leader MAHARANI.
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